For most people, the start of a new decade meant bigger goals, more risks, and an improved lifestyle. And then three months in, the nation went into lockdown and forced all of us to stay inside. 

While some found comfort in the ability to stay in pajamas all day, others viewed quarantine as a nightmare. No more hangouts, no more parties, no more restaurants. When no one demands you to follow a strict schedule, it becomes easy to lose track of time and maybe ruin your sleep schedule. 

Perhaps the most unfortunate side effect of quarantine is that it deprives a person of any and all inspiration. Isolation's limit allows a person to only do so much. Due to a lack of any hope that the pandemic will end, most people have accepted defeat.

However, Lumination seeks to change that. Change is brought when there's a disruption in the norm. To break away from the mundaneness, there needs to be a game-changing factor that motivates you towards a different path. And that factor is the Lumination Holographic Bag collection. The light-reflective, color-changing bags will light up your world and motivate you to rise above your old habits. 


The psychology behind it is simple. Many philosophical experts will agree that a person is a result of their environment. That means if you surround yourself with boring, plain, and uneventful then you will become boring, plain, and uneventful.

On the other side, if you immerse yourself in interesting, extraordinary, and groundbreaking practices, your life will likely be enriched in that manner.

The Lumination Holographic Bags have the ability to elevate your lifestyle past the mundane because they are artistic in design, friendly in touch, and strong under tension. The bags were crafted to set a model for how we as people should be. 

When our customers look at the bag and see it shine in the light, they'll grab it, throw their phone inside, and go for a run. They'll grab their bag and start their passion project. They'll grab their bag and go on a trip to another city. They can take their bag anywhere because it's lightweight and durable.

When our customers see the bag, they don't just witness the high-quality, light-reflective leather. They visualize their future. They see the infinite potential that they have. Why? Because the bag captures all of that, and reflects it towards you. Soon, just like the bag, you'll shine too.