Light is simply a form of electromagnetic radiation, visible by the human eye. At Lumination, we have worked to develop new material which allows an ordinary bag to be reborn into something different. Something extraordinary. When walking with a Lumination bag, those around you will all see the bag in a different color and perspective, depending on their angle from the bag.

When holding your bag, here’s a quick summary of how your bag works with sunlight to create an exceptional experience, in two different perspectives:

Your Perspective (Holding the Lumination Bag)

While holding the bag, you may not see the bag at its full light reflection capacity. This is because the angle at which you are viewing the bag will not allow sufficient distance for the light to be refracted and change color. Don’t worry, the colors you see will be completely different from the colors those around you will see. Let’s take a look at what others will see!

Others’ Perspective (Watching you with the Lumination Bag)

While you’re holding your bag, those around you will see the bag at its full potential, and that’s when the compliments start pouring in! Let’s break it down. As sunlight is directly hitting your bag, the light waves will be reflected and everyone positioned away from you with a clear view of the bag will be able to see the magic! The bag will have a luminous and holographic effect.

Light Sources

Lumination Bags work with all light sources. Some of the most popular sources of light include sunlight, smartphone flashlights, car headlights, lamps, house lights, and street lights. Please keep in mind that the bag may not function to its full potential on cloudy/rainy days due to a lack of sunlight.