The Lumination Holographic Bracelet


Are you missing some flare in your fashion style? Needing something that lights up your outfit, but you don't want to overdo it? Do you want the coolest bracelet on the market that is guaranteed to have people stare in awe? Then The Lumination Holographic Bracelet is the perfect accessory for you! 

This incredibly special bracelet is designed with the same light-reflective, color-changing material that Lumination infuses in our leather bags. The beautiful array of colors crafted in this bracelet will make every glance at the accessory feel like looking at a painting. There truly is no other bracelet as colorful and elegant as the Lumination Holographic Bracelet.

The Lumination Holographic Bracelet is also lightweight. We won't give you a bracelet that makes you feel unbalanced. 

We completely understand the struggle of wearing bracelets that slide on your arm because they may be too big. That's why we designed the Lumination Holographic Bracelet to be the optimal size to avoid that problem and provide you with comfort. 


Standard: Usually fits teenagers and most women, 6.75" circumference. (17.2cm)

Large: Usually fits most men, 7.75" circumference. (23cm)